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Friday, August 8, 2008

Wait what?

Ehh so I have trouble remembering things and quite frankly it bothers me to a great extent. One minute I can be watching Tv then it goes to commercial and I'm like wait what am I watching? Or I can be laughing then a few seconds later I'm like wait whats so funny? It seems many things just happen to slip my mind and ugh its irritating and ehh especially so when I really have to do something and i just forget what i had to do and maybe its just that im preoccupied with some other thing? But I just don't think thats the case anymore and lately its been getting worse and worse this has been happening much more frequently now and I'm not so much worried as just puzzled. Oh and I saw this picture and was like woah.


Boxstar said...

that pic is ghey

Censor said...

What were we talking about?