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Friday, August 8, 2008

Picture Unrelated

Whenever someone says picture unrelated I often find that the picture can tell a different and much more interesting story. Who would they have this picture in easy access for posting? Why would they feel that would be an appropriate substitute to a related picture? In fact in some situations the picture is in a way a more related than anything else they could post. When people post on the internet they reveal more than they realize. If you say mentioned you enjoyed Alice In Wonderland, I would learn that you had a taste for fantasy, surrealism, and clever language. In fact from this post alone one could assume I'm a hopeless romantic, and they would be right. I tend to wax philosophical and look for a hidden depth in everything. Not only that but I will often think about a song and notice my entire tone and mood are changed for a time. Humans are truly interesting creatures.

Oh, and picture unrelated.

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Boxstar said...

i lol'd @ that pic