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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Arizona Vacation

K, so I'm back from Phoenix, Arizona. I stayed in 5 hotels. So here's the list of the cities I stayed in: Helena, Montana > Las Vegas, Nevada (for 3 days yusss) > Phoenix, Arizona (for 2 weeks) > Salt Lake City, Utah > Lethbridge, Alberta. It was really fun. I might post pics later idk.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Metal Is An Aquired Taste

Don't get down Ramp, most people only like certain metal songs. And even so it takes awhile to like any at all. Just keep at it. ;D

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why can't ALL hot chicks like Metal?

It's such a technical well thought out genre, I can't understand why more women, no, people in general don't have enough respect for it.
For example, in my spanish class on the last day of school, we were allowed to listen to music via a stereo that had an iPod cable attached to it. At first, most music coming from it from such bands as [Generic Rapper Name Here] and [You can tell I'm sensitive because I wrote a song about respecting women, although it does have the word bitch and hoe in it]. The teacher, who is actually a total hard ass, is fine with this.
That is, until I throw on Severe Emotional Distress by Into Eternity.
"Oh, fuck. Oh, BAW. This song doesn't make me feel good at all, turn dat shit o0f plz ;3;" says everyone.
So fuck you all.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Friday, August 8, 2008

Wait what?

Ehh so I have trouble remembering things and quite frankly it bothers me to a great extent. One minute I can be watching Tv then it goes to commercial and I'm like wait what am I watching? Or I can be laughing then a few seconds later I'm like wait whats so funny? It seems many things just happen to slip my mind and ugh its irritating and ehh especially so when I really have to do something and i just forget what i had to do and maybe its just that im preoccupied with some other thing? But I just don't think thats the case anymore and lately its been getting worse and worse this has been happening much more frequently now and I'm not so much worried as just puzzled. Oh and I saw this picture and was like woah.

Picture Unrelated

Whenever someone says picture unrelated I often find that the picture can tell a different and much more interesting story. Who would they have this picture in easy access for posting? Why would they feel that would be an appropriate substitute to a related picture? In fact in some situations the picture is in a way a more related than anything else they could post. When people post on the internet they reveal more than they realize. If you say mentioned you enjoyed Alice In Wonderland, I would learn that you had a taste for fantasy, surrealism, and clever language. In fact from this post alone one could assume I'm a hopeless romantic, and they would be right. I tend to wax philosophical and look for a hidden depth in everything. Not only that but I will often think about a song and notice my entire tone and mood are changed for a time. Humans are truly interesting creatures.

Oh, and picture unrelated.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Art Is Suffering

There is something about making art that I enjoy doing, not in that I like the art but that I like sketching. But then I feel I need to draw and have peoples opinion on it. Then someone inevitably says its not good and I get put in a crappy mood. Why can't I just not get critiqued and enjoy it for myself? Sigh~

WTF I'm not gay.

So I've been talking with this girl irl for a while now.

She's cool. Funny, smart, attractive, essentially the perfect woman.

Well, I'm tlaking to her yesturday and she's like "What's up?"

and I'm like "nm just fapping to porn."

and she's like "lol, I don't like guy on guys stuff."


So I'm like WTF I'm not gay.


Now, this is where I kinda fuck it up.

I was like "Why did you think I started talking to your, because you were interesting? Ya, no. Not really."

She hasn't really taked to me since.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Uhh I used to love the power rangers and still do they were so cool uhh Mighty Morphin and Zeo and everything after that pretty much sucked. That doesn't mean I didn't watch the other seasons though ehh I'm such a loser but ehh I was a kid what can you expect from a kid? At the time though Power Ranger's were the coolest thing since the refrigerator so that makes me cool. Ehh I miss all the great saturday morning cartoons like Fighting Foodons and Medabots oh god I loved that show.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Social Networking Websites

What the fuck's the point?

I mean, I sit at my computer talking to people I don't even know on Gaia, for like, several hours a day, however the people I know in real life can't be fucked to send me more than a message a day saying "LOL DID U SEE STEP BROTHARS TAT WUZ A FUNNI MOVIE LOLOLOL GUNNA GO DOWN ON MI B/F NOW, BBL".

By the way, I did see Step Brothers, it was stupid but good for cheap laughs. I need to get an MP3 of Boats and Hoes.
Also, why didn't that chick from before go down on me instead?
Maybe I should get a boat.

Killer Robots Fighting

This is a message to the bloggers at I intended to post this in that blog when they added me, but they won't add me just yet:

If the robots are fighting each other, then why are they called killer robots? It's just like humans fighting each other but they're called killer humans. Killer robots (to be classified as killers) have to be killing other species in order to be called killer robots. But I guess if they are killing each other while fighting then they can be called killer robots. No one calls Germans killer humans. THINK ABOUT DAT U KILLER

Why the fuck?

So sup I made a blog to feel cool just like everyone else ehh.